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Your Name is in the Bible Code
Let over 3000 years of knowledge go to work for you
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Including Color printout Matrix of your personal name as found in the Bible Code or Torah Code, plus letter by letter list for each letter of your name including: letter number, book, position, word count in the verse, verse number, chapter, and skip sequence of E.L.S. The Hebrew verse where the letter is located, with its corresponding English translation, plus a summary of what all the letters of your name reveal about you and what overall message God has for you.
All this for only  $72.00
Special Bonus
You will get a Free Gift summary explaining the method of the Bible Code with every new order !

Your Name is in the Bible Code or as it is also called, the Torah Code.

Did You Know
All people regardless of race or religion are encoded in the Bible Code! This includes every person who was, is, and will ever be created! Not only that but even every thought also has it's chosen place in the Bible Code. The complexity and combinations are infinite!
Now is your Chance
Know where you fit in to creation. We use the knowlege of more than 3000 years plus modern technology to find your designated place in the Bible Code!
is your place in creation? Where is the exact place that the Creator placed your name in His blueprint of creation? Why did G-D place your name specifically there? Is it indeed possible to answer these questions?
you might have bought the Bible Code software to reveal your name and other coded events in the Bible Code or Torah Code; and you might have also shared in the frustration and confusion of the greater majority trying to find the "needle in the haystack" in trying to decipher all the computer data that the Program spits out and displays. Maybe your name is David Jonson, Moshe Freidman or Suanne Roberts. Do you know how to look up your name to begin with? What if you do and you discover that there are at least a thousand or more David Jonsons listed. Which one pertains exclusively to you ? Does this scenario seem familiar?
There are specific rules to decipher this hidden code Most have been passed on from tradition through the ages from the Biblical Sages to the contemporary sages, Knowledge how to unlock the Bible codes only available to those who know how to read the Hebrew language.
Mr. Moshe Freidman might try looking up his name and might not have any luck finding it in the Bible Code. Why not? Because he was looking up his name as Moshe Freidman! He needs to look up his name differently. He needs to look up his name and the name of his father first. He then should be looking up the name , for instance, Moshe the son of Jacob. Do you know how many people are walking this planet or have walked this planet with this exact same name, and how many times that encoded name appears in the Bible Code? To answer both of these questions without exaggeration thousands! So now we are back at the same starting point with the same questions, how do I know which place in the Bible Code that my name is encoded is the right place and that the name that is encoded there is indeed related to me ?
it or not there is an answer!

Based on the specific methodology handed down from the Sages and understanding the specific principles that accompany it, There is a way to narrow it down from the thousands of occurrences that a name might be listed and find the proper occurrence that relates to your personal name that holds the keys to your personal destiny and place in the Blue print of creation, the Bible Code.
Click the play button to learn more and get a brief overview and understanding about the Bible Code or Torah Code
I was a complete skeptic but just did it to have some fun. I was so amazed to find out that the Bible Code is for real. My analytical profile was right on target !
  Benjaman - Miami FL

I am not of the Jewish faith but I am comitted to G-d and know my place in His Holy Book thanks to the Biblecode.
  Sandy P - Kansas City MO

I received my Biblecode Certificate as a gift. This was the most unique gift that I have received. G-d thinks of me and I think of him!
Daniel - LA  CA

I heard about the Tora Codes and read books on this topic on how every person that ever lived,live and is still to arrive into this world good or bad
Have there name in coded  somewhere in the Bible.
I found this sight online call biblecodenames.atwebpages.com
I filled out the application that only ask very simple few question for example my full name, date of birth with time I was born,  my husbands full name, My mothers maiden name and my fathers name.
Then the excitement to see what our creator ourHeavenly father had to say about me had my on egg shells.
Finally when I open my email to find Mr.Baruch Margoli had finished reaching and send my Bible codes and as I started
To read it the prices of Our L_RD became real I felt is presence in the room with me very strongly as I was weeping none stop for 3hours straight from the peace and joy I was feeling.
I found very fascinating how my fathers mother middle name were found, I didn't even know her middle name was Silvia Wow! 
I never mention her middle name was Silvia in the application but our L_RD knows us by name.
That was what did my father in when he saw is mothers full name. Now my father faith has increased.
I am still amazed  That my father also had his Bible codes resaerch and  how he is found around the name of Joseph and I am around Manasseh indicating we are from this tribe of Israel.
The biggest honor to me is how my name and birthday is with the letter Shin
What has me walking on egg shells is how he found that the L_RD pick me out of a myriad of people to have direct contact to the throne room
Now I am much more careful not to sin because my transgressions will be more punishuble then anyone else. 
This was the most beautiful experience I have ever know and I encourage other to have Mr. Baruch Margolit research your Bible code he's a great expert and a wonderful person as well
Thank you 
Silvia M. Rubalcabal
Miami Florida USA
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